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Jim Martin Commissioner

Randy Phiel Commissioner

Pat Toomey U.S. Senate

Scott Perry U.S. Representative
Dan Moul State House-91st
Will Tallman State House-193rd

Rich Alloway State Senate - 33rd


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May Primary is over. 26% of Republicans voted in Adams County 
                       Winners are:
US Senate: Cong. Lou Barletta
                              US House: Dr. John Joyce
                              PA Governor:  Senator Scott Wagner
                              Lt. Governor:  Jeff Bartos
                              PA 91st:  Rep. Dan Moul
                              PA 193rd: 
                              PA State Co.:  Ginny Martin
                                                      Debbie Shearer
                                                      Trevor Taylor      
Who are you going to vote for? 
                                                                                               Left to Right: Sen. John Eichelberger, Doug Mastriano, Ben Hornberger, Art Halvorson,

                                                                                                                                                    Betsy Hower, John Joyce, Rep. Steve Bloom, Travis Schooley, Max Merrill, Bernie Washabaugh                                          

May 3rd, A THURSDAY, Candidate's Forum at SAVES Fire Station, was very well attended!  All 8 Congressional Candidates were present. In addition Lt. Gov. candidate Peg Luksik was there as well as candidates from the 91st and 193rd Districts and 2 candidates for PA State Committee. Synopsis of the candidates

ALL candidates say they are strongly Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment, supporters of Trump’s agenda and committed Christians. All say they support the Freedom Caucus and would abolish Obamacare. All claim to be Constitutional conservatives. Here are highlights.

Bedford County: Art Halvorson (Small businessman; Coast Guard veteran). Term limits for Congress; end corporate bailouts; wrote the strategic plan after 9/11.; foster parent.

Blair County

John Eichelberger (Senator). 12 years representing half of the new 13th district; more experience at all levels of gov’t than any other candidate; defend religious liberty. Voted “Legislator of the Year” by the PA Defense Institute. Voting record: 100% rating by Americans for Prosperity; highest Senate rating by the American Conservative Union (96%). Rated most conservative senator by all organizations. Chair of the Pro-Life Caucus. NRA “A” rating.

John Joyce (Dermatologist). Veterans go to hospital of choice; extend permanent tax cuts to individuals; protect social security and Medicare.

Cumberland County

Steve Bloom (State Representative; attorney).  8 years representing Cumberland County, part of the new 13th district; refused gov’t pension. Voting record: 109% rating by Americans for Prosperity, highest in the legislature; NRA “A” rating; Prime sponsor of bills that abolished death tax on family farms & small businesses; led the fight against 11 tax hikes; successfully lead the fight to end teacher layoffs being determined by seniority.


Ben Hornberger (Marine Corp veteran; age 23, minimum age for Congress is 25). More funding for volunteer firefighters, end school bullying, break union strangleholds of teachers, protect veterans. One of the top volunteers for Trump in PA. Joined fire company at age 13. We need younger people to move the country forward.

Franklin County:

Doug Mastriano (military historian; published author; retired Army Colonel). Opposes career politicians; Army’s expert on Russia and NATO security in Europe; Eagle Scout; was professor at the U.S. Army War College; protect farmers who are being regulated out of business.

Travis Schooley (Municipal Planner and Chief Water/Sewer Specialist; Army veteran; businessman). Stood against power lines going through farmland—not afraid to take an unpopular stand; need better infrastructure; has infrastructure consulting and mapping business and 20 years commercial/residential experience; protect family farms; protect senior citizen’s rights; 11 years on Republican Committee. Fund infrastructure through selling bonds instead of borrowing through banks.

Bernie Washabaugh (Real estate developer). Has a world vision having been in 56 countries on 7 continents; builds hotels; organizational skills.


There are six candidates for the 4-year term of State Committee, only two of which may be the same sex but the third must be the opposite sex. All candidates were provided with the same set of questions and the answers of those choosing to respond are as follows.


Virginia (Ginny) Martin. ACRC member 16 years, nearly all as precinct captain; ACRC Secretary 7 years, Assistant Secretary 1 year; State Committee 10 Years; worked on Picnic, South. Mt. Fair, Apple Harvest, Voter Registration, Finance Committees; County Chair for Toomey, Phone banking leader for several campaigns; headquarters manager in 2006; campaign manager for several local candidates

Martha O’Bryant; Debbie Shearer. No response.


Richard Mathews. ACRC member 3 years; ACRC Executive Director 2 years; Current ACRC Vice Chairman. ACRC Board and Finance Committee 3 years; Attended 4  State Committee events as proxy for Robert Jackson; circulated candidate petitions; worked the ACRC booth at events; worked the polls for candidates;  worked the ACRC office for the 2016 election.

John Minton. Worked at the Adams County Trump HQs in 2016; worked the polls for primary & general elections in 2015, 2016 and 2017; Apple Festival 2017; South Mountain Fair in 2016 and 2017; stood on the line twice to combat organized leftist assaults on Congressman Scott Perry's office in Gettysburg in 2017; new ACRC member poll captain.

Trevor Taylor. No response.


The names of candidates who have held office and thus have a voting record are underlined.

91st Legislative District:

Kurt Holland (teacher; Army veteran). Supports HB76; close “secret” accounts in the legislature.

Dan Moul (State Representative, 6th term; businessman). Started the Common Sense Caucus, now about 20 strong, aimed at accountability and transparency, regulatory reform, policies that target cost drivers, and solid academic programming that opens up all career options; building relationships is the key to getting things done such as obtaining quick approval of support services to complete a needed





193rd Legislative District (Will Tallman’s seat):

All candidates say they are Christians, pro-life and support the 2nd Amendment.

 Three candidates support religious rights to follow conscience in business.

Barry (Vincent) Cockley (township supervisor, 7 years; businessman). Supports religious rights; laws should be constitutional; 27 years in health insurance business; 8 years Republican Committee, 3 years as precinct captain; supports EMTs, firefighters, police; constitutional government; volunteer YMCA coach with national titles in gymnastics. Voting record: cut property taxes 5 times (more than 85%) while balancing the budget; reduced sewer rates

Torren Ecker (attorney). Needs unity and fiscal responsibility; experienced in resolving conflict;  protect our rights and keep government out of our lives; former legislative aid in Congress; business-based decisions; Republican Committee member (new); 32 years old.

Andrew Myers (works for CURE International). Defend family values, traditional marriage; money goes into Harrisburg but not back to the district; hopes to energize younger people to get involved; several missions trips, projects. 33 years old.

John Wardle (agriculture teacher, Cumberland County). Controlled government spending; EMT, firefighter


Our "Meet your Legislator's Breakfast"

Saturday......April  21, 2018 AT THE HISTORIC
The Dining room was packed with people eagerly awaiting to hear from our current legislators as well as 7of the 8 Congressional Candidates for the 13th Congressional District. Pictures below:
Congressman Scott Perry speaking to the crowd. 
                                                                              Current Representatives Dan Moul and Will Tallman and Spoke.

Current  County Commissioner Jim Martin  

7 of the 8 Candidates running for the 13th Congressional District 


                PA  Representative  Steve Bloom          PA  Senator John Eichelberger                              Art Halvorson     




             Ben Hornberger                                   Dr. John Joyce                                     Doug Mastriano


                       Bernie Washabaugh                                      Gettysburg Jr. ROTC Cadets "Posting the Colors"            

Candidates for the 193rd  District ( Will Tallman is retiring)                               


                                                                         Barry Cockley                                                                Torren Ecker   

                                                                                                 PA STATE COMMITTEE CANDIDATE


                            Ginny Martin spoke on behalf of three candidates, 

                             the 3m's running for the seats ...Ginny Martin, Richard Mathews

                             and John Minton.


                                             Lt Gov.  Candidate Peg Luksik plans to attend the may 3rd forum, and other invited candidates will be available as their plans are firmed up closer to the event date.

  This venue is open to all the people of Adams County and it gives them an opportunity

      to meet the persons who are seeking to be their next Congressman and House Representatives. 

The PA Primary is set for May15th.”13th District Congressional Candidates Coming:


Rep. Steve Bloom/ Cumberland County


Art Halvorson/Bedford County


Ben Hornberger/Cumberland County


Senator John Eichelberger/ Blair County


Dr. John Joyce/ Blair County


Travis Schooley. Franklin County


Doug Mastriano/ Franklin County


Bernie Washabaugh/ Franklin County

March 1, we hosted a Congressional Candidate Gathering for those candidates that have announced they are running for the 13th District Congressional seat.  Pictured form left ot right Travis Schooley. Doug Mastriano, Betsy Hower Chair ACRC,Ben Hornberger,Rep. Steve Bloom,Max Merrill,Sen. John Eichelberger and Art Halvorson.
Lt. Governor Candidate Jeff Bartos spoke at the ACRC Meeting
Thursday, February 22, 2018
"The Adams County Republican Committee celebrated the 286th Birthday of Founding Father President George Washington prior to their business meeting Thursday, February 22nd, at Valentine Hall in Gettysburg. Pictured cutting the birthday cake for the 50 people gathered are L-R Adams County Treasurer Crissy Redding, board member Liz Poje Glen, State Committee Candidates Ginny Martin and John Minton, Chair Betsy Hower, Lt Gov Candidate Jeff Bartos, State Committee Candidates Richard Matthews, Debbie Shearer and Martha O'Bryant, and board members Scotty Bolton and Cyndy Vance, all singing Happy Birthday Mr. President while the cake is cut 
On Saturday, February 9, 2018 the
PA State Republican Committee Endorsed
Congressman Lou Barletta for PA Senate
Senator Scott Wagner for Governor  
Jeff Bartos for Lt. Governor.
                    Barletta speaking after endorsement                               Wagner speaking after endorsement
              Bartos speaking after endorsement
2018  local Political Season started with the announcement
 made by Barry Cockley, Supervisor from Berwick Township.
Cockley is running for 193rd PA Legislative District.
Representative Will Tallman is retiring.
Tallman worked hard for all of us in the 193rd.
     Pictured above newly elected Adams County Treasurer Crissy Redding, Register and
 Recorder Karen Heflin, Barry Cockley, Commissioner James Martin and Commissioner Randy Phiel.  
                                                    2017 Christmas Gathering!
                                          We collected clothing and needed items
                                                      for homeless veterans.
              Vice President Pence with Secretary of Labor Acosta and Congressman Perry
         at a Business Forum in York, PA to hear from local business owners about the  impact of a tax break on their businesses.                      
New Oxford Fall Festival Booth and Parade
Ballooning the Event! Children loved the balloons and the candy!
More FUN!
Gettysburg Halloween Parade
We had a Blast in the 1942 Dodge US Army Truck!
Many thanks to all who helped! Too much FUN!
Such a beautiful October evening and the streets were lined with children!
Thursday, October 19th our
Eisenhower Dinner with guest Speaker
 Congressman Mark Meadows, Chairman
of the Freedom Caucus   
Pictured District Attorney Craig Stedman, Candidate for Superior Court,
Betsy Hower Chair of ACRC, Congressman Mark Meadows, and Congressman Scott Perry and Charles in the front. 
TRUMP IN HARRISBURG!  October 12,2017
                        Hannity at the event              Air Force One landing
                             Trump  Speaking                  Waiting for Trump
                                                Apple Harvest 2017
                                                  Chicken Pit Crews  
                                                       Serving Line for Turkey Barbeque   
Republican Judge Candidates in 2017
                                                                                             Taken at PA State Committee September 2017
                                                               Pictured (l to r)Judge Kagarise, Judge Mary Murray, DA Craig Stedman, Judge Emil Giordano,
                                                                   Paul Lalley, Judge Christine Cannon, Justice Sallie Mundy and Judge Jackie Shogun  
                                      Kagarise, Murray, Mundy, Stedman, Giordano, Lalley & Cannon
                Our Constitution Rally on Sunday, Sept. 17,2017
              Signing the Constitution!                                                              Judge Cannon cutting the cake!
on the Square in Gettysburg 
Celebrating the 230th Anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution!
At the Heritage Festival! 

In the picture left toright Representative Dan Moul. Representative Rick Saccone, Senator Scott Wagner, Cindy Ayers, Paul Lalley,  Judge Mary Murray, Betsy Hower Chair of the ACRC and Judge  
Emil Giordano.  Not pictured District Attorney Craig Stedman running for Superior Court.  


July 15th Adams County Republican picnic!

The Adams County Republican Committee met at Oakside Park

in Biglerville for the traditional annual Summer picnic!


We had a wonderful picnic Saturday,beautiful weather, wonderful food and desserts,short speeches, great candidates made the event GREAT. Four of the seven candidates running for Judge in the November 2017election were present. Running and present for three of the four Superior Court positions open:  District Attorney Craig Stedman from Lancaster County,Judge Emil Giordano from Northampton County, Judge Mary Murray fromAllegheny County.  Running for one of the two positions for Commonwealth Court was Paul Lalley from Montgomery County.

Candidates present running in the 2018 Elections: York PA Senator Scott Wagner running for Governor.Running for senate on the Republican ticket Cindy Ayers from Gettysburgand PA Representative Rick Saccone from Elizabeth PA.  


Operation Ribbon 

Adams County Republican Committee Biennial Convention June 15, 2017
Elizabeth Hower Re-elected Chairman and
Richard Mathews elected Vice Chair
                                                TRUMP IN HARRISBURG !!
                                   MAKING   VALENTINES!                                                           SUPPORTING CONGRESSMAN PERRY!





       Supreme Court Justice Sallie Mundy                         Justice Mundy Chairman Betsy Hower  and Judge

                      d the Gettysburg JR. ROTC                                                              Wade Kagarise



Richard Mathews. Betsy Hower and Virginia Martin at January State Committee Meeting


Petition To Congressman Perry to REPEAL AND REPLACE THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT with more than 200 names! 


We the citizens of the Keystone State of PA support the effort to REPEAL AND REPLACE the Affordable Care Act.

  We support returning CHOICE to the American people. We acknowledge that improvements in the health care system

                         are needed but the ACA is not the answer; nor is a government run single payer system. Congressman Perry, even though we do not march in the streets, we are the silent majority and will support you in the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

                              WE went to the Inauguration on January 20th! 
                                    1000's of Americans at the event! 
                 Bus from Adams County!
                                   58th PA Electoral College met  December 19,2017 ,  20 Delegates
                                      5 Tellers  and Officers of the Electoral College                          
                                         5 Tellers and Officers of the College
                                                                                            Counting the ballots !
President Elect Trump in Hershey on
December 15 for his "Thank You" to PA Tally

More than 15,000 Americans came out in 20 degree  weather! 

Adams County December Christmas Gathering with gifts for our veterans!


 One of Door to Door Teams!


Women for Trump                  Gburg parade set up
                                Mg for Trump                                                     The Parade Team         
                                 IRV!                              BACK OF TRAILER!  
            BALLOONS LINED THE PARADE                              ABIGAIL AND IRV
Donald Trump Comes to Gettysburg, Adams County!!!
      Gen. Kellogg         Gov. Guliani                 Donald Trump
                                                                                                    GETTYSBURG JR ROTC
 Gov. Mike Pence in Gettysburg on Oct 6!
                                                                               Gov. Pence speaking to the crowd! 
                           Saxophone musicians with the Governor!
Apple Harvest Pictures Oct 1-2
                                                  1400  Chicken Halves Barbequed by the Pit crew!
We had a Great Debate Watch Party!
                               Sponsored by   ACRC and
the Adams County Young Conservatives
Constitution Rally on the Square in Gettysburg!
More than 100 signatures!
                             Thank you all for a more than 50% turnout for the April 26 Primary Election!
                                       ACRC Head quarters Grand Opening July 28th
                                                         Good Ole Days August 20th!
                                          Tom, Carol, Nancy and Delaney                                        Rep. Dan Moul
                                                                                             "Manning" the Booth!
                                                                                                                          Visitors stopping by!
                                                                 Littlestown Good Ole Days Parade!  August 18th!!!
                                            The Marching team including Senator Alloway     Jeff and Abigail on restored tractor
                                        and Representative Dan Moul
                                                                               Having a lot of fun in Littlestown!  
                                                                         On August 2 thru the 6th come see our Booth at the South Mountain Fair!
                                                                                                                                          Workers at the fair!
                                                                                        Mechanicsburg Trump Rally Photo  ..Place was packed! 
Pictures from the Republican Convention in Cleveland!  More to come....
                               Opening Day                                             Giuliani Speaking
                                Great People at the Convention
Pictures from the July 2016 Picnic at Oakside Park in Biglerville
Great time was had by all..Wonderful Food,Fellowship and Fun!
Local and  State Wide candidates cared enough to come meet with us and seek our vote!
 John Brown Candidate     Joyce Haas Vice Chair   Otto Voit Candidate
 for PA Auditor General     for PA Rep.State Com.   for PA Treasurer
                 Also  Rep. Will Tallman, Senator John Rafferty Candidate for PA Attorney General, Betsy Hower    Chair ACRC, Otto Voit candidate for PA Treasurer and Rep Dan Moul!

Pictures from Our Reagan Roundup at

Artillery Ridge Campground in Gettysburg PA

Family FUN Day on May 21st de 

Despite the pouring down rain we had a great time!


 Gettysburg JR. ROTC being "coined"

By Sargent Lloyd after they presented  the colors.


Then a great a GREAT family fun day was had by all! 

  Leggy demonstrating his bomb sniffing skills.

Leggy in protection mode.


Then corn horn tournament and Pinata for the kids.

Then an old fashioned picnic complete with Pudding cake for all!


Round UP Workers!   Too much Fun!  

Picture from PA State Committee in May


                                                                Before the Meeting where 14 Delegates at Large where chosen

                                                                   and 14 Alternate Delegates at Large Chosen.  71 PA Delegates

                                                                   going to the Republican National  Convention in Cleveland in July

                                                                and one Alternate  is from Adams County, thanks to the Republican voters

                                                                                                      in the Fourth Congressional District! 




Sargent  Llyod and the Gettysburg Jr. ROTC Cadets at our  Legislative Breakfast Meeting
Adams County Young Conservatives at Voter Registration Table registering new voters!
              Adams County went to State Committee in Hershey for January Meeting!
                                           Pictured below from standing from left to right Otto Voit
                      running for PA State Treasurer, John Brown candidate for Auditor General
                       and at the podium Senator John Rafferty running for PA Attorney General!  
                                      State Committeeman Bob Jackson                       Otto Voit Candidate for PA Treasurer
                                       Cindy Ayers ACCRW President                             Ayers, Jackson, and Brillhart.
                                       Elizabeth Hower Chairman ACRC
                                       Zach Brillhart Supervisor Conewago Twp.
                                  Brillhart, Mike Barley and Candidate                       Brillhart and Former LT. Governor 
                                        for Auditor General John Brown                                            Jim Cawley
 Swearing in Ceremony on December 31, 2015.
Congratulations to our New Judges of the Court of Common Pleas
 Christina Simpson  and Shawn Wagner, 
Our County Commissioners James Martin and Randy Phiel,
New District Attorney Brian Sinnett,
Controller Steve Renner,
Prothonotary Beverly Boyd,
Coroner Patricia Felix,
Register and Recorder Karen Heflin,
District Magistrate Daniel Bowman 
              Judge Simpson                           Senator Alloway and Zach Brillhart
                                                   District Magistrate Dan Bowman         Karen Heflin and her Mother
                                         and Shirley Bowman
                                                                       Judge Wagner being sworn in                                     Steve Renner and Nadine Devine
                      Heiser, Phiel.Senator Alloway. Hodges and Pitzer                     The Phiels    
                         Patricia Felix being sworn in.                             Being sworn in  
                              Beverly Boyd                                  Brian Sinnett being sworn in.
                                         The Martin Family                                           James Martin being sworn in.       
 This link will take your to the county precinct by precinct tally and summary sheet.  Believe our efforts helped result in the higher than expected turn out of 28.65%.
This link will take you to the State graphics for Adams Judicial tally:
Adams County clearly voted in a big way for our State Judicial candidates.
This link will take you to the State wide Judicial tally sheet: 
                                THE TEAM                                                         THE BANNER

                                   The  Trailer                                       Waiting for it to begin
                                                        Irv                                                    Christine Simpson
       Shawn Wagner and the Team                                         Marching in the parade


                                                                BOOTH AT NEW OXFORD'S HERITAGE FESTIVAL



                                                                                                     MARCHING IN THE PARADE! 

                                                                                        ON OUR EISENHOWER DINNER TAB!



Online Voter Registration

Recently, Pennsylvania began online voter registration.  Heading into a critical election cycle with important races in 2015 and 2016, it is important we register as many new Republicans as possible.  To get someone you know registered to vote online, please use
Adams County Conservatives Exercising their  First Amendment Rights.....NO DEAL WITH IRAN
Republicans are EVERYWHERE...Here we are at the South
Mountain Fair having even more fun!

                       John L. and Jim Martin Setting up for the fair!
Louise M., Jim Martin, Christy Simpson and Lis Poje Glenn
(taking the picture)..."Holding down the fort"  at the fair! 
TOO MUCH FUN at Good Olde Days in Littlestown!

Shawn Wagner, Sheriff Jim Muller and Leggy, and Christy Simpson.                     
GOV. SCOTT WALKER COMES TO YORK!  And Adams County folks were there to greet him!  When Gov. Walker came to York we were there.  See pictures below....... 
      Governor Scott Walker
Before he spoke...

After, he spoke with everyone individually..

                                              PICTURES FROM THE PICNIC!

    GREAT picnic, GREAT weather, GREAT food and  GREAT  Candidates ...See Below! 

Rep. Will Tallman, Congressman Perry and Commissioner Randy Phiel and Rep. Dan Moul

 PA State wide Judge races: Judge Mike George running for Supreme Court Judge, Superior Judge Judy Olson running for Supreme Court, Paul Lalley running for Commonwealth Judge.


Rep Tallman, Shawn Wagner and Christy Simpson and Rep. Dan Moul.


                                       ACRC Participates in Littlestown Parade 

Celebrating their 250th Anniversary !


Before the parade! With Corvair Convertible!

                    Getting ready to march in parade!
              Marching down Middle St.!             A BLAST!                 



Pictured above are Chad Collie, Vice Chair and

Elizabeth Hower, Chairman both re-elected to their positions. 


Pictures from our first Reagan Roundup!



at the roundup.............

Gettysburg Jr.  ROTC to present the colors.........


 Judge Mike George (running for PA Supreme Court Judge)

Christy Simpson( running for Common Pleas Judge)

Judge Emil Giordano (running for Superior Court Judge)  



Leggy and Toko


Horseback rides for Kids 


                                                                                                         and......PUDDING CAKE!


                                Adams County Young Conservatives ESSAY CONTEST


                                                 ONE OF WINNING ESSAYS BELOW by Daniel Spangler



  Young Conservatives with the Congressman Perry




Why is Voting in a Primary Election Important?

By Daniel Spangler

 Do you know that voting is a very special privilege for all of us in

The United States of America?  Are you ready to use this privilege in May when the primary

 elections come?  The United States of America is the best country in the world because

 every citizen eighteen and over can vote.

It doesn't matter who your friends are, how much money you make or what 

religion you are. You still have the right to vote.  Everyone has one and only 

one vote, so we all are equal! Every single vote sends a message that tells 

candidates what you support and what you believe. This is why it is 

important to vote.

          Even in a primary election, your vote still matters because it tells what

 you believe or what changes you would like.  The people who are in your 

local government offices make decisions that will effect your life now and

in the future.  You can help make decisions about local schools, police and

fire departments, court systems and much more when you vote in the 

primary elections. Because this great country is a republic and we have the

privilege of being able to choose a leader to best represent us, it is important

to take the time to learn about the candidates, think about who you will vote 

for, and then go vote.  This way we have a voice in current issues.  

Though national  elections are important, local primaries are too because 

these people still represent us and have decision- making power. If you don't 

take a stand for what you believe by voting, nothing may ever change. 

          In addition, all politicians everywhere, watch to see what age group of 

people votes the most.  Then they use that information to help them decide 

what actions to take. For example, if most of the voters were sixty years or 

older, the politicians are going to listen to what is important to them more 

than a younger group with  less voters.  This is a reason to get your friends 

to vote. Then you�ll have more people in your age group and the politicians

will be more likely to listen to you. 

          You  have an opportunity to impact the future. You do have a voice

with opinions that matter.  Don't stay quiet. Let your voice be heard and 

vote in the primaries on May 19.         







A completely revamped version of the General Assembly's website was launched on November 5 to give

the public better access to a wide array of Legislative information, including bill text and history, vote in the

Senate and the House, committee meetings and votes, and much more.

The website is



2013 Swearing In Ceremony Photos

Congressman Perry, John Butterfield and Graham Weaver the day of wearing in.
Congressman Scott Perry and Chairman Elizabeth Hower
Lt. Governor Cawley opening the swearing in ceremony in the Senate Chamber
Senator Alloway and his wife Shannon.
Swearing in Ceremony at the Capitol in Harrisburg, January 1, 2013



Definition of Republican

We want to reaffirm what we believe it means to be a Republican in Adams County

��Our country, our families, and the God given rights that we have been granted are of primary
importance to us.

��We believe in individual rights as written in the Declaration of Independence and that all men are
created equal. We further believe that we are guaranteed the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of

��We affirm that the US Constitution, as written, the law of the land and goes hand in hand with the Bill
of Rights.

��As citizens of the United States we have fundamental duties and responsibilities to be involved in the
process of protecting our rights and perpetuating our freedoms.

��We believe the primary role of government is to defend our country and protect it from our enemies
foreign and domestic.

��We want value for the taxes we pay. We feel that free enterprise, unfettered by burdensome taxes and
regulations, performs better and more efficiently than government bureaucracy. In addition we need less
government intrusion and regulation in our personal lives.

��We believe that the Judicial branches of federal, state and local governments are bound to honor the
Constitution and Bill of Rights.

��We believe in the fundamental self worth of each human being. Life is sacred.